Successfully lead through executive transition.

Support and guidance to successfully lead through executive transition. Services offered include:

For the Founder or Departing Executive: Transition planning, coaching, and consulting with a focus on 1) the development of clear, time-bound, goals, needs, and plans, and 2) enhancing readiness to step aside and let go.

For a Potential Successorexecutive coaching for the identified internal candidate; addressing leadership development needs, strengthening readiness to step into the role, and increasing likelihood of their ultimate selection.

For the incoming CEO/Executive Director: Onboarding coaching and consulting with a focus on critical behaviors and practices, including 1) a plan with onboarding goals, success factors and priorities, 2) a process for achieving alignment with the Board Chair, and 3) confidence building support, particularly for first-time CEOs/EDs.

For the Board Chair: Transition planning, coaching, and consulting with a focus on 1) a plan for effective leadership and guidance of the board through the transition, 2) achieving partnership and alignment with the incoming executive, and 3) orientation and management of the incoming leader, including setting expectations and priorities for the first year.

For the Search Process: A data-driven pre-hire assessment consulting process to facilitate selection through research-based insights into finalists; and/or consulting for the Board Chair, given the selected candidate’s unique personality, re: how to best set them up for success.

In the words of a departing founder

As the founding Executive Director of an organization the decision to start the process of succession planning was uncharted and filled with emotion…Rachel Kadosh was highly recommended by the search firm we hired and has been instrumental in advising and supporting the process for myself, the Board Chair and the incoming Executive Director.  The combined ED / Board Chair sessions created alignment in our approach to the transition. My individual sessions were an opportunity to step outside of the day to day of my role to formulate a concrete plan to ensure a smooth transition internally in addition to supporting the new Executive Director by providing the necessary information to successfully join the team.