Partnerships and relationships with fellow leaders can be complicated and challenging.

In fact, Harvard Business School’s Noam Wasserman found that …

65% of businesses fail due to conflict and relational issues between partners.

The good news is that most partnerships can be set-up for success or, if necessary, systematically transformed—from barely surviving to thriving.

What is your most critical business relationship?

  • Founders/business partners
  • Board Chair and CEO
  • Boss and highly valued direct report
  • Potential business partners/founders
  • Peers (who are both key executives)

Kadosh Consulting has developed a proprietary model and proven process. We’ll meet you where you are and customize our approach to set you on the path to professional alignment and optimization.

Types of partnership dynamics engagements…

Explore – Prospective business partners/founders
  • You’re considering starting a business with someone you know, or joining an existing business
  • You want to be sure of the fit and that you’re going in with eyes wide open and set up for success
Kick-off – Set up a new relationship for success
  • You’ve just hired, accepted a new position, started a new business, or experienced a merger or acquisition
  • You’re fully committed and want to be sure to get your most critical relationship(s) off on the right foot
Tune-up – Make your critical relationship(s) more effective, easier and sustainable
  • Maybe you’re doing ‘just fine’ but recognize that this relationship is too important to be anything but as healthy and functional as possible
  • Maybe you have been avoiding difficult discussions or just want to re-affirm your commitment and be sure the relationship is on track
Last-ditch – Get unstuck
  • You know in your heart that for the good of the business and for your wellbeing the relationship either needs to re-set or dissolve
  • You want to know you’ve done everything you could to make it work

Examples of past client success stories

  • CEO and one of his seasoned direct reports transformed their dynamic of reactive frustration, indirect communication, defensive maneuvers and pre-emptive strikes to one of mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and leadership alignment
  • Partners on the brink of dissolving the partnership achieved greater clarity re: roles, responsibilities and success factors and instead together took their business to the next level

What partnership dynamics clients are saying