Onboarding is customized for the unique needs of each client and includes clarification of expectations for performance and accountability measures.  We support the new hire in achieving success factors and avoiding potential derailment. Clients set themselves up to enjoy early wins, credibility, a successful transition, and sustainability in their new organization or new role.

What level of onboarding support do you need?

Kick-Start – Maximum impact in just one session
  • Knowledge of onboarding best practices, including basic success factors and potential pitfalls
  • Raised strategic self-awareness
  • Positioning to maximize your strengths
  • Preparation for how your common stumbling blocks are likely to play out and how to successfully navigate them
  • Support to maximize productivity as you begin the new role
  • Clear action steps to set you up for success
Kick-Start Plus – Sustained support throughout your first 90 days

All of the above plus a roadmap and plan for success, ongoing executive coaching and consulting, and accountability partnership.

Comprehensive Onboarding – For not only you, but for your new boss as well

Everything Kick-Start Plus provides with options for your boss’s input and partnership in the process. We even offer a session just for your new boss–to help set them up for success in your working relationship, helping them to better understand how to manage and support you.

What onboarding clients are saying