Take team members individually and collectively to the next level.

Teams work best when all members are aligned and operating like a well-oiled machine. This is easier said than done, and a team’s dynamics can be thrown off by any number of systemic issues or trigger events.

Is your team facing any of these types of challenges?

  • We lack trust, respect, accountability, or mutual understanding
  • We are ‘too nice’ and avoid difficult conversations
  • There is confusion around roles, responsibilities, and success factors
  • We need to communicate and collaborate more
  • There is a lot of passive aggressive behavior happening
  • We have a new leader or member, we restructured, or there was a merger/acquisition

We design and implement strategies for transformational development—a ‘retooling’ of sorts—taking team members individually and collectively to the next level of performance.

Our approach goes beyond ‘team building’ and starts with developing self-awareness as individuals and as a team. Included, as needed, are off-sites, interviews, 1-on-1 coaching, partnership with the leader and follow-up to sustain progress.

Examples of past client success stories 

  • Partners of a rapidly growing company to sustain productive dynamics as the business exploded from $200M to $1B.
  • Entire staff team of a small business to transform culture from highly relational to more driven and results focused, positioning the company for exponential growth from $2M to $10M.
  • A highly driven and results-focused leadership team to develop greater awareness, appreciation and respect for each other.
  • President’s cabinet to develop individual and silo’d managers into a more collaborative and cohesive team of leaders.

What team effectiveness clients are saying